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We offer Talent

Software Development / Software Engineering

Specialized teams
In Frontend Development

Frontend architecture specialists

Much more than a framework
Angular experts

Specialists in the different versions of Angular

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We bet on innovation

Teams that provide value and innovation

We do not offer services
We offer talent

Specialized teams in architectures Frontend and software development with Javascript: Angular, React,
Vue, RoR, Node, Ionic.

About us

After many years working on different projects and with the main companies in our country, we know perfectly the technological environment and we can tell we are able to face any challenge.

We bet on innovation
We add value

We are committed to innovation and adaptation to the digital space. Our priority is the satisfaction of our clients in order to maintain long-term and satisfactory relationships for both parties. We offer a multidisciplinary service in software development, in a comprehensive manner.

Ours tools

-Front end: HTML5, CSS3, Angular, NodeJS, React, JavaScript, jQuery

-Languages and Frameworks: Ruby, Ruby on Rails (RoR)

-Data Bases: MySQL, PostgreSQL, Elastic Search, Redis, MongoDB

And of course:

-Management:Agile, Scrum, Canban, Azure DevOps

-Version control: GIT, TFS

"You can focus on things that are barriers or you can focus on scaling the wall or redefining the problem"
Tim Cook

We love to simplify and facilitate. We place more importance on quality than quantity and we highly value our relationship with the customer.


Our skills
Open source

Quality, security and transparency, benefits, rapid renewal and thus, a myriad of advantages are those offered by an open source solution.

With highvscalability, open source is built on the basis of customer requirements, with which having access to the code allows greater freedom when it comes to make customized and personalized solutions.The cloud, Big Data, the internet of things and, even virtual reality are driven by high-profile open source projects.

There are so many reasons why we work with open source, but above all we love collaboration and facilitate processes.

Agile Methodologies

Your needs
Our priority

Our mission is to solve the needs of our clients by relying on new technologies to adapt them to their environment. We innovate and contribute.

We place more importance on quality than quantity and we highly value our relationship with the customer.


Our services
Our capabilities

Specialists in Frontend architectures with Angular.

Single Page Applications
Javascript Angular

The best framework to create decoupled ASPs, with a very advanced level of experience and supported by Google indexers so as not to affect SEO.

Angular audits
Projects already executed?

We are specialists in projects already executed where we analyse developments and propose refactoring of the application for practices in Angular architectures, scalar it and modular it.

Our Angular experts

The talent of our specialized teams in Angular allows the integration in an effective and dynamic way in third party projects with different teams of developers.

Projects development

Our Angular experts offer consulting, covering all aspects of Angular development software such as analysis, testing or implementation and training of the final product.

Why Angular?
Efficient and scalable

A reliable and powerful framework created by Google and used by the main corporations for their projects. Google, PayPal, Sony, Nike and many other choose Angular.

Any doubts?

The high level of experience and knowledge of Angular in all its versions means that we can, in an integrated way, add value to any project or workgroup.



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